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      2. Specialty Practice Business Consulting

        Maximize operational performance and improve financial results with our business consulting services for specialty practices.

        Customized solutions designed to enhance your specialty practice’s performance


        Community practices are being challenged to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs while complying with increased reporting requirements. As the healthcare industry continues to shift toward value-based care, your specialty practice needs a team it can count on.

        From payer contracts to back office operations to reporting and analytics, every aspect of your practice should be optimized to help you deliver best-in-class care.

        Comprehensive consulting for specialty practices

        Our business advisors have experience working with a variety of specialties, including oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, neurology, and others. We provide consulting and analytics tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice. Our full range of solutions includes:

        • Strategic planning
        • Project management
        • Technology integration
        • Customized work specific to community practice needs

        A vision for your practice’s growth

        We’re committed to helping your community practice succeed so you can spend more time on what truly matters: your patients. Here’s how our process works:

        1. We meet one-on-one with your key practice stakeholders to identify needs and pain points.
        2. Our team of experts presents improvement recommendations with your goals and bottom line in mind.
        3. We work with you to define major milestones and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success.

        Areas of expertise

        Strategic planning

        We help create a strategic vision to embrace for the future, while equipping your practice's leadership with short-term tactical planning that generates momentum and results. A strategic planning engagement includes:

        • Preparation: Analysis of the current practice financials, market share, payer mix and interviews with physicians and staff.
        • Retreat: A facilitated day long strategic planning retreat with physician partners and key staff to align on top priorities and create high-level plans.
        • Action Plan: A detailed three-year action plan for each of your practice’s top priorities, designed for your practice to implement.
        Revenue cycle management

        Understanding your practice’s revenue cycle is key for continued growth. Our advisors can assess your collection processes and provide best practices in the following areas:

        • Payer and patient collections optimization
        • Financial counseling and patient assistance programs
        • Analytics, reporting and benchmarking
        • Standard operating procedures and job descriptions
        Managed care and value-based reimbursement

        When was the last time your practice received or negotiated a fee schedule increase? Our advisors offer expertise in payer contracting and reimbursement, including:

        Medical billing and coding

        With changing requirements and the shift to ICD-10, it’s more important than ever that all the right charges are captured, documented and billed to ensure your practice is compensated for the services it provides. We offer:

        • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
        • Charge capture audits
        • E/M chart reviews
        • Contract variance analysis
        • ICD-10 documentation reviews

        Customized education can increase efficiency and strengthen your staff’s understanding of best practices. Our advisors will start by identifying operational gaps and delivering focused education to:

        • Improve documentation and reduce audit risk
        • Decrease denials and manage appeals
        • Improve accuracy and productivity

        Contact Us

        Learn more about our solutions.


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