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      2. iKnowMed: Oncology Practice EHR System

        This interoperable EHR system for oncology practices helps improve the quality and efficiency of cancer treatment across all care settings.

        This is a solution from Ontada, our new oncology technology and insights business. Learn more at ontada.com.

        Bring all your oncology patients’ records together in a centralized database all stakeholders can access and personalize.


        By giving you and your staff up-to-date information whenever you need it, iKnowMed empowers you to make more informed choices at the point of care.

        • Deliver high-quality cancer care
        • Increase provider collaboration
        • Personalize workflow
        • Meet regulatory challenges

        iKnowMed: An EHR designed for oncology

        iKnowMed helps oncologists operate more efficiently, boost financial performance and enhance patient safety. Developed in collaboration with oncologists, iKnowMed delivers:

        • Secure web-based, mobile-optimized access to patient charts
        • Comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support
        • Customizable features for integration into existing workflow

        An interoperable, efficient EHR for oncology providers

        iKnowMed offers fast, easy sharing across the spectrum of care with other practice systems through best-in-class interoperability. It provides support in the Oncology Care Model (OCM), the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System and other value-based care programs while improving practice efficiency.

        Oncology technology from McKesson is designed to support best clinical and best business practices across the entire care continuum. iKnowMed provides best-in-class oncology EHR functionality to help your practice deliver the highest quality patient care.

        Contact Us

        Learn more about iKnowMed.


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