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      2. Lynx: Inventory Management System for Specialty Practices

        Automate specialty drug ordering and increase cash flow with McKesson's web-based inventory management system for specialty practices.

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          Lynx: Better Inventory Management for Specialty Practices

          Make sure each vial of infusible or injectable specialty drugs is accounted for from procurement through dispensing and billing with Lynx.


        A web-based drug inventory management system for specialty practices

        Lynx? is a customizable, web-based specialty medication inventory management system designed to help specialty practices overcome the challenges associated with delivering injectable and infusable medication therapy.

        As the leading inventory management solution for outpatient practices, Lynx helps more than 3,100 physicians in 1,100 practice locations deliver infusion and injection therapy for patients with complex diseases.

        Lynx was designed to help specialty practices:

        Achieve complete charge capture:

        • Capture every billable charge and instance of waste with an intuitive dispensing interface that matches your specialized workflows
        • Improve accuracy and efficiency by connecting directly with your billing application to submit complete charges

        Drive lean inventory processes to improve cash flow:

        • Eliminate excess inventory and ensure the drugs on your shelves are exactly what you need
        • Avoid drug wastage with reporting and analytics tools

        Maximize efficiency to free up time for patient care:Lynx inventory management system

        • Streamline your processes by integrating directly with your practice management, EHR and ordering system
        • Use a 100% web-based system that allows multiple staff members at multiple locations to use the system simultaneously and from any location

        Improve profitability with deep financial and data insights:

        • Access intuitive, on-demand reports to identify revenue and cash flow opportunities
        • View usage trends, track inventory turnover and quickly perform audits to identify discrepancies between dispensing and billing
        The Lynx drug inventory management system delivers real value to customers:
        • Significant improvements in cash flow, with up to 50% reduction in days in on-hand inventory1*
        • Improved charge capture, equating to an average of $70,000 per physician annually due to a reduction in missed charges2*
        • Increased billing process efficiency, requiring 28% fewer days to submit claims to payers2*
        • Reduced administrative time associated with inventory management by 50%, allowing 2 full-time employees to focus on other practice priorities rather than verifying charge entry3*

        Lynx increases efficiency and boosts specialty practice performance

        • Easy accessibility: A 100% web-based platform accessible anywhere, at any time and by multiple users.
        • Secure inventory: Flexible solutions support every practice’s needs. Modular cabinet design lets you choose from multiple configurations, or secure existing storage using remote locking devices.
        • Power in mobility: Use existing PCs or browsers on other devices.
        • Inventory management: Track, transfer, view and manage drug inventory across all sites of care.
        • Customized medication labels: Clearly identify medications with customized instructions.
        • Save on IT costs: Web-based in-person training and implementation, plus automatic updates.

        1?Case Study: Improve Performance by Optimizing Specialty Inventory Control?(PDF, 44 KB)
        2?Case Study: Value of Technology for Community-based Oncology Practices (PDF, 1 MB)
        3?Case Study: Lynx for Inventory Management, Charge Capture and Clinical Workflow?(PDF, 968 KB)

        *The results of these case studies depend on a variety of factors that are unique to the customers’ businesses. There is no guarantee your results will be similar. Each party’s results depend on the factors of its business. The success of these customers cannot be used as an indication of future success with these programs.

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