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      2. Pharmacy Ownership Consulting: Buying, Starting and Selling a Pharmacy

        Get expert pharmacy ownership consulting customized to your personal ownership goals.

        Running an independent pharmacy is an exciting—and complex—undertaking. Through RxOwnership?, McKesson’s pharmacy ownership consultants offer personalized guidance tailored to your business goals. You’ll also get access to a self-service website to guide and support your journey through the purchase or sale of an independent pharmacy.

        Look to a trusted pharmacy ownership advisor to help you achieve your business goals

        RxOwnership provides you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so you are protected and can be at ease throughout the process of buying, selling or starting a pharmacy.

        Buying or starting a pharmacy

        Get coaching through all the steps of ownership, whether you’re acquiring a pharmacy or building a new one from the ground up. From selecting a location to developing a business plan and securing financing, our ownership consultants are here to help you succeed.

        Selling a pharmacy

        Access resources like our Interactive Valuation Tool and receive confidential advice designed to help you develop your succession plan, find potential buyers and receive the best possible price for your pharmacy business.

        Finding a career in independent pharmacy

        McKesson provides graduating pharmacy students and recent graduates with the information they need to achieve personal and professional satisfaction with a career in independent pharmacy.

        Women in Pharmacy – Own It program

        As the number of women pharmacists continues to grow, RxOwnership has developed a program designed to help women excel in independent pharmacy. The goal of the Own It program is to create a community of women who can help other women pharmacists exceed their career expectations.

        • E-BOOK

          RxOwnership Guide to Starting a Pharmacy

          Request a copy of this helpful guide for pharmacists thinking about striking out on their own—and ask one of our advisors questions in complete confidentiality.

        • CASE STUDY

          Pharmacy Ownership Success Stories

          Read about how some of our pharmacist customers made the leap to pharmacy ownership—and what happened next.

        • BLOG

          Starting an Independent Pharmacy

          McKesson’s Christopher Cella outlines the key steps pharmacists need to take—and the missteps they need to avoid—to successfully start their own independent pharmacy.

        • Contact Us

          Call us to learn more about how we can help you buy, sell or start a pharmacy.

          (800) 266-6781

          Fill out the form to learn more about McKesson RxOwnership.

          Get in Touch

          Visit the McKesson RxOwnership website for more information.

          VISIT SITE


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