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      2. Health Mart Pharmacy Franchise Program

        Looking for a way to increase your pharmacy’s performance and build a more profitable business? As the nation’s largest network of high-performing independent pharmacies, Health Mart is focused on one thing—your success. Whether your goal is to improve marketing, expand your services for more revenue or monitor payer and financial performance, Health Mart provides tools and resources to help you grow your business.

        As an independent pharmacist, you face market challenges that significantly affect your ability to compete and grow. Clinical performance. Reimbursement pressures. Limited marketing resources. Heightened competition from mail order and chain pharmacies.


        The Health Mart? franchise program understands these challenges. We work to give independent pharmacies the collective strength to overcome them and win in today's marketplace. Health Mart helps thousands of progressive pharmacists build a name for themselves in their communities. We create solutions to help you improve clinical performance, manage operational changes and discover additional revenue opportunities so you can build and maintain a thriving business.

        As a Health Mart pharmacy, you’ll benefit from:

        • Expert pharmacists and business coaches with years of industry experience to help grow your business
        • All-in-one dashboard to help you manage your pharmacy’s performance and profitability
        • Managed care to drive pharmacy benefit manager recognition
        • Marketing support to help bring patients to your store
        • Programs and services to help you generate additional revenue

        Explore the benefits of becoming a Health Mart franchise pharmacy

        Health Mart provides retail pharmacy franchisees with benefits, services and programs that help them compete more effectively with chains, mail-order programs and other independents.

        Become an independent Health Mart franchisee today.

        Managed care: Discover the power to compete with chains

        As a Health Mart franchisee, you have the contracting strength of over 7,000 pharmacies and the superior reimbursement rates, terms and contract conditions that come with it. Health Mart's managed care network offers:

        • Contracting and performance opportunities
        • Access to the right networks
        • Exclusive and valuable tools and solutions

        You don't have to give up your independence to become a Health Mart pharmacy.

        Behind each locally owned Health Mart pharmacy franchisee is the strength, credibility and commitment of our national network.


          The most important thing as an independent pharmacist is that we have the flexibility to really do what’s best for our patients. We enjoy the flexibility of being independent, but I am a pharmacist by nature, not a businessperson. Health Mart and McKesson make the most of my independence by providing the tools and support that we need.

          —Heather Ferrarese, Owner and Pharmacist | Bartle's Pharmacy

        • RESOURCES

          Health Mart

          Learn more about the innovative Health Mart pharmacy franchise program and its benefits for independent pharmacies.

        • BLOG

          Transitioning From Pharmacist to Pharmacy Owner

          Learn how Health Mart helped pharmacist Adrienne Cervone own her own pharmacy.

        • Contact Us

          Call a McKesson Pharmaceutical customer representative to learn more.

          (855) 458-4678

          Fill out the form and a Health Mart representative will get back to you.

          Get in Touch

          Visit the Health Mart Website for more information.

          VISIT SITE


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