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      2. RelayRx Reimbursement Performance Services for Pharmacy Claims Management

        Improve the financial, clinical and operational performance of your community pharmacy.

        • VIDEO

          Case Study: Copper Bend Pharmacy

          Hear what Stephen Clement, owner of Copper Bend Pharmacy, has to say about RelayHealth and how we helped his community pharmacy.

        Managing your community pharmacy’s third-party prescription claims can be a complex and time-consuming process. To thrive in a competitive industry, you must find ways to reduce the risk of profit loss, contribute to better patient outcomes, and strengthen relationships with patients. RelayRx? Reimbursement Performance can support your efforts on each of these fronts as more than your average pharmacy switch vendor.


        Reduce the risk of profit loss and boost performance—all from within your pharmacy workflow

        You’ll have access to an extensive library of high-value pre and post claims edits through RelayRx Reimbursement Performance. This library includes actionable messaging at the point of dispensing to help you address key business issues such as:

        Drive better patient outcomes and ensure medication safety

        Patient adherence to their prescribed therapies improves dramatically when they have a better understanding of what their care entails. You can play a critical role in this understanding by offering RelayRx Reimbursement Performance services, including:


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        For additional product and pricing information.
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