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      2. Customized Pharmacy Automation Solutions

        Improve patient outcomes, customer service levels and operating costs with customized pharmacy automation systems.

        • VIDEO

          How Geisinger Grew Its Prescription Mail Order Program With Pharmacy Automation

          Geisinger wanted to expand mail order capacity, develop a solid home delivery program, and provide workload balancing. McKesson Prescription Automation prescribed an enterprise-level pharmacy automation solution that took care of all three. Here’s what they had to say.

        Improve operational efficiency and provide a higher level of patient care with fully integrated, flexible pharmacy automation systems from McKesson Prescription Automation. Your unique patient care objectives and business goals are reflected in our custom solutions, which scale as your organization grows.

        Pharmacy automation solutions customized for your business

        No matter what kind of business model your pharmacy uses, we can design an automated solution to suit your needs.

        Improve patient outcomes and customer service while saving money

        You get access to the latest technology and practices when you work with a partner that understands the business of pharmacy. Prescription Automation helps you improve patient outcomes, increase service levels, minimize costs, and boost revenue. Here’s how it works:

        1. Our industry experts work with you to identify your expectations for a pharmacy automation solution.
        2. We collaborate with proven equipment manufacturers to develop a fully integrated solution customized for the unique needs of your business.
        3. Through our partnership with McKesson Pharmaceutical—one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in the U.S.—we can distribute a high volume of prescription medications safely and efficiently.
        4. After the launch, we provide ongoing technical support, making sure your system stays optimized for evolving business needs and market conditions.

        Reliable pharmacy automation with a proven track record

        You can trust your pharmacy business to our expertise and experience: Prescription Automation was the first pharmacy automation specialist in the market. We have the longest track record of supporting pharmacy automation solutions—and a record 99.98% uptime. When you invest in our pharmacy automation technology, you will:

        • Save on pharmacy staff and operational costs.
        • Reduce drug inventory.
        • Improve accuracy, capacity, efficiency and quality.
        • Watch your pharmacy automation system pay for itself in as little as six months.

        Contact Us

        Contact McKesson Prescription Automation about automated pharmaceutical dispensing.
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          Contact a representative to discuss your pharmacy automation needs.

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