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      2. Plasma-derived Products, Biologics, and Specialty Drug Distribution for Pharmacies

        Control drug spend and maximize efficiency with our plasma-derived products, biologics, and specialty drug distribution for health system, specialty home infusion, and retail pharmacies.


        Efficient and convenient plasma-derivative and specialty drug ordering

        Through McKesson Plasma and Biologics, customers can access an expansive portfolio of plasma-derived products, biologics and other specialty drugs at competitive prices from a single source. We bring drug and disease-state expertise to the specialized patient care and business needs of health system, specialty, home infusion and retail pharmacies, including national and regional chain pharmacies.

        McKesson Plasma and Biologics supplies plasma-derived products in the following major product groups:

        • Immune globulin
        • Albumin
        • Factors
        • Hyperimmunes
        • Biosurgery
        • Hemostasis

        Existing McKesson Plasma and Biologics customers place plasma-derived products, biologic pharmaceuticals and other specialty drug orders through McKesson Connect, our online ordering platform and one-stop resource for all your wholesale pharmaceutical needs.

        See greater efficiency with our biologic drug consignment program

        Purchase only what you need, when you need it, for a minimal convenience fee with McKesson Plasma and Biologics’ Consignment Program (PDF, 71 KB) . Our consignment program lets you keep a variety of biologic products on hand for emergencies without being held financially responsible for the cost of the inventory until it is used.

        All our health system, hospital and pharmacy customers are eligible to participate in the program, which includes all anti-hemophilic factor and select specialty drug products. There are no initial setup or membership fees. A consignment agreement lays out the terms applicable to the program, including pricing for consigned products. Contact us for more information.

        Save on your drug spend with group purchasing organization affiliations

        Explore contract pricing on a wide selection of plasma-derived products, biologics and other specialty drugs through our extensive relationships and affiliations with a variety of pharmaceutical group purchasing organizations. Contact McKesson Plasma and Biologics LLC to see if we offer contract pricing through your GPO.

        Contact Us

        For Specialty and/or Plasma Drug info for your pharmacy.

        Contact Plasma & BiologicsFor pharmacies, health systems & hospitals.

        Contact Specialty DistributionSpecialty drugs for physician practices.

        • Contact Us
          Our Plasma Account Representatives are available Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m Central Standard Time (CST).

          You will be directed to a McKesson Plasma and Biologics Representative who can help you determine your needs. Mon-Fri, 8 am - 6:30 pm (CST).

          (877) 625-2566

          For pharmacies, health systems & hospitals.

          Request information

          Specialty drugs for physician practices.

          Request Information


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