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      2. Brand Name Drug Purchasing and Distribution

        Access a wide variety of high-quality, first-to-market brand name prescription medications at competitive wholesale prices with our nationwide drug purchasing and distribution services.


        Drive better clinical and business results with brand name drug solutions

        Pharmacies of all types and sizes have access to a wide selection of brand name drugs at competitive prices through our comprehensive suite of brand name drug purchasing and distribution solutions. Our sourcing network is supported by long-standing supplier relationships with more than 500 drug manufacturers.

        Our brand name drug solutions provide you with:

        • A large inventory
        • Ordering accuracy
        • High fill rates
        • Drug shortage avoidance
        • A wide portfolio of products

        RxPak brand drug repackaging solution

        Purchasing bulk repackaged brand name drugs at competitive prices drives profitability even higher by holding down costs. With our RxPak solution, you have access to a complete selection of discount brand name drugs that have been repackaged accurately, safely and securely in compliance with all FDA guidelines. Dispense more than 25 different brand name prescription drugs to patients with RxPak.

        We offer repackaged brand name drugs to:

        • Independent retail pharmacies
        • National and regional pharmacy chains
        • Alternate site pharmacies
        • Hospital and health system pharmacies
        • Mail-order pharmacies
        • Specialty pharmacies

        Our distribution services ensure on-time delivery of repackaged pharmaceutical products, helping you improve your operational efficiency and clinical performance.

        Drugs maintain the drug manufacturer’s National Drug Code (NDC) labeling on each repackaged dose. Each bottle has our own unique Economost order and distribution label, driving efficient purchasing, tracking and inventory management.

        Contact Us

        Pharmacy DistributionFor pharmacies, health systems & hospitals.

        Specialty DistributionSpecialty drugs for physician practices.

        Medical Practice DistributionFor non-specialty practices.


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