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      2. McKesson SupplyManager: Medical Supply Ordering Platform

        Improve medical supply ordering and purchasing efficiency with McKesson’s web-based ordering and inventory management system for your healthcare practice or facility.

        • VIDEO

          How McKesson SupplyManager Works

          Learn how SupplyManager takes the hassle out of medical supply ordering and helps you control costs.


        Access McKesson Medical-Surgical’s full medical supply catalog through McKesson SupplyManager?, our industry-leading web-based order management system. SupplyManager lets you:

        • Place orders online
        • View real-time pricing and availability
        • View order status
        • Run reports to analyze purchasing trends

        With connectivity to your procurement or practice management system, SupplyManager provides efficient, informed management of your medical and surgical supply ordering and inventory control needs.

        Browse the Catalog

        Log in to Order Supplies

        Powerful search capabilities in our extensive medical supply online catalog

        Save time when shopping for medical-surgical supplies on SupplyManager with our extensive search capabilities. Using state-of-the-art technology, SupplyManager provides numerous search-assist tools to help you:

        • Quickly find the products you want
        • Compare and find similar products
        • Find accessories and related products

        And with SupplyManager’s real-time pricing and availability information, you can keep track of inventory supply when placing orders.

        Save time with medical product ordering controls

        Build purchasing lists of your preferred and most frequently ordered items—eliminating the need to input product numbers or conduct product searches every time you shop. Simply log in, access your purchasing lists, complete the order and check out in a matter of minutes.

        Purchasing lists are also valuable formulary management tools that help ensure purchasing compliance. While authorized users can only order from the approved product lists, they can browse all items if they need to request a special product.

        Manage costs with invoice and reporting capabilities

        Get the online features and data you need to control costs and help ensure ordering compliance. SupplyManager's invoicing and reporting capabilities display and track medical-surgical accounts payable and invoices for 24 months at a time. Users can also view material usage reports going back as far as 13 months and sorted by facility, manufacturer or even item number.

        Get started today with SupplyManager

        Contact Us

        Contact McKesson Medical-Surgical.


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