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      2. Physician Office Medical Supplies, Equipment and Support

        Built for the ever-changing needs of today’s physician practices, our exceptional selection of medical-surgical supplies – along with outstanding delivery service – lets you focus fully on patient care.


        When your physician practice runs effectively, you have the freedom to provide the best care for your patients. Meet the demands of your practice by choosing products and services from McKesson Medical-Surgical.

        Browse the Catalog

        Quality medical products that enhance patient care

        Reduce costs and provide even better care for your patients with our trusted national and McKesson brands.

        Look to McKesson Brands for product categories that include:

        Plus, we back our McKesson Brands with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any McKesson Brands product, you may return it for a full refund or credit.

        Physician office medical supplies and equipment

        Every practice has unique needs for delivering the best patient care possible. Find the right products for your practice in our full portfolio of hundreds of thousands of medical office supplies from leading national brands, in addition to our own McKesson Brands line of products.

        From point-of-care testing supplies to needles and syringes, flu vaccine, gloves, masks and pharmaceutical products, we help you meet the specific business goals of your practice, down to the last detail.

        Our selection of physician office supplies includes:

        • National brand medical office products from industry leading manufacturers
        • The entire line of McKesson Brands, including surgical gloves, general wound care, rapid diagnostics, electrodes and much more
        • Generic Rx savings as soon as they become available in the marketplace
        • An extensive selection of medical office equipment, including tables, stools, scales and lighting
        • Full array of vaccines from top manufacturers
        • Comprehensive suite of laboratory products, which can help you bring more laboratory results into your medical practice

        Expert support for physician practices

        The right medical supply partner goes beyond product quality to offer reliability and value-added service. You can put your trust in McKesson’s reliability in critical areas, such as supply chain efficiency, product availability and our extensive distribution network capability. We put our decades of experience in the healthcare market to good use by delivering the quality medical products, support and clinical training you need to provide the best care for your patients.

        Facility planning and setup services

        Find the support and expertise you need to help you build or expand a healthcare facility. Through our facility planning and setup services, we partner with you to define your goals and needs, order products, manage installation and clean-up … and everything in between.

        Watch a video about our facility planning and setup services

        Coast-to-coast distribution: Count on our speed, flexibility and order accuracy

        Receive your medical office supplies more efficiently through our network of nationwide distribution centers. Equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to improve order accuracy, our state-of-the-art facilities enable flexible cut-off times to fit the demands of your practice schedule.

        • Next-day delivery to more than 95% of the United States
        • Flexible delivery schedule, 5 days a week
        • Customized ordering in any quantity, from individual products to full pallets

        Learn more about our medical-surgical distribution services

        Contact Us

        Contact McKesson Medical-Surgical.


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