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      2. Home Medical Equipment

        Stay ahead of the curve with our wide range of wholesale medical supplies and solutions for your HME business.


        Demand for home medical equipment (HME) and durable medical equipment (DME) has never been higher. What does this mean for your business? You need to:

        • Make sure your business can deliver the right mix of HME products for high-quality care
        • Be ready to offer new product categories quickly
        • Continue to meet patient care and revenue goals

        We’re here to help.

        Browse the Catalog

        Why McKesson?

        Running a home medical equipment (HME) business can be challenging in an ever-changing industry. We’re here to help you manage those challenges and make sure your patients are getting the right products at the right time. At McKesson, our focus is always on our customers’ success.

        To learn more about how we can better serve your patients, call us today at 1-855-571-2100.


        Advocating for you

        We consult and work closely with HME industry leaders to bring our customers solutions that work. Our industry leader alliances include:

        • AAHomecare
        • The VGM Group
        • Brightree
        • And more

        And because we’re focused on your success, we do not support sole sourcing. Instead, we believe quality, cost and access (triple aim) need to be balanced as payers consider reimbursement models. Learn more about our advocacy efforts to support HMEs

        HME retail

        We know you have a passion for serving your patients and providing them with the very best of care. But it can be difficult doing “business as usual” because of lower reimbursements.

        Some home medical equipment (HME) providers are turning to new business models to continue serving their patients while also growing their business. Learn more about our retail solutions for HME providers. Learn more about our retail tools

        Contact Us

        Contact McKesson Medical-Surgical.
        HME handshake

        Alliances for your success

        Alliances to help streamline and advocate for your business

        Learn More
        HME box

        More products, more choice

        Quality and selection with national & private label brands

        Learn More
        HME Truck

        Distribution you can count on

        Reliable and flexible delivery options for your business needs

        Learn More
        HME Network

        Solutions to enhance your business

        Tools, technology and support to help manage costs and drive efficiencies

        Learn More
        HME Long Term Care

        Resources to support care

        Clinical support and resources to help you manage and improve outcomes

        Learn More


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