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      2. Flu Vaccine and Resources for Medical Providers

        Get your flu vaccines and medical-surgical supplies to help prevent, diagnose and treat influenza and influenza-related illnesses, all on one order from McKesson Medical-Surgical.


        How are you preparing for flu each season?

        McKesson FluWise? is our year-round flu program offering access to a variety of professional flu products, savings, stability and support every step of the way.

        • FluWise 2020-21In-season flu purchasing & next-season pre-booking
        • Flu education & resources
        • Flu season activity
        • Frequently asked questions

        Benefits you can count on

        • Access to all approved influenza vaccines and manufacturers?
        • Flexible terms with a return policy and extended payment terms
        • Additional discounts and access to our own McKesson Brands and national brand products
        • Point-of-care molecular testing platforms for flu, strep and RSV with consultative services
        • Monthly FluWise e-newsletter with important season updates and specials
        • A team of healthcare professionals, here for you!

        Go to McKesson FluWise

        Contact Us

        Get your in-season flu vaccine or pre-book for next season


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