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      2. Patient Co-Pay Assistance Program for Biopharma Manufacturers

        Improve patient medication accessibility and adherence with RelayHealth’s prescription co-pay assistance program for biopharma manufacturers.

        As high-deductible health plans continue to rise, patients are often forced to pay more for the care they receive. Physicians often hesitate to prescribe therapies that have high co-pays out of concern that their patients can’t afford those medications. These concerns may limit a patient’s treatment options. In the end, this could potentially have a negative impact on your pharmaceutical brand’s market share and revenue opportunities.


        RelayHealth's eVoucherRx? makes drugs more affordable for patients. The patient acquisition program applies prescription assistance and co-pay savings to qualified prescription drugs at the point of dispense. With a lower cost entry to medication prices, prescriptions for your pharmaceutical manufacture’s brands are more likely to be filled and taken appropriately.

        Patients benefit from lower cost prescription drugs thus increasing their chances of medication adherence. They also enjoy better health outcomes and develop a loyalty to your pharmaceutical brand. This creates valuable word-of-mouth marketing to other potential patients with a similar condition.

        Lower barriers to prescription drug accessibility

        eVoucherRx automatically applies co-pay assistance when a patient presents his/her prescription at the pharmacy. Patient co-pay savings can also be presented directly in a physician’s EHR even before a prescription is ordered. Physicians can stop worrying about cost barriers and simply prescribe the prescription therapy best suited to a patient’s specific needs.

        eVoucherRx helps increase patient loyalty and drive new patient acquisition by:

        • Informing patients of available prescription drug co-pay savings
        • Helping to reduce patient medication abandonment and increase drug refill rates
        • Increasing patient satisfaction, retention and brand commitment for improved health
        • Improving medication adherence to your prescription drug brand

        Features of eVoucherRx:

        • Eliminates paper through electronic co-pay savings at the point of dispensing
        • Neutralizes co-pay disadvantages in real time
        • Simplifies national and regional implementation
        • Delivers program flexibility through variable prescription drug co-pay targets and patient benefits


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