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      2. Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

        Outcomes research studies encompassing real-world evidence of treatment patterns, health outcomes, resource utilization, and costs.

        This is a solution from Ontada, our new oncology technology and insights business. Learn more at ontada.com.

        DEI Evidence

        We are uniquely positioned to help pharmaceutical manufacturers design and execute a strong HEOR strategy. Our capabilities are founded on our unique data assets that contain deep and rich insights, as well as our seasoned HEOR researchers working closely with physicians.

        HEOR Services

        • HEOR study design and execution
        • Clinical and comparative effectiveness
        • Economic modeling—cost effectiveness and disease burden models
        • Predictive modeling
        • Market access and reimbursement strategy
        • Publication strategies—scientific presentation and evidence generation
        • Physician and patient surveys


        HEOR Proven Results

        • More than 165 studies completed over 12 years
        • HEOR publications (PDF, 338 KB) including peer reviewed manuscripts in scientific journals, as well as abstracts and posters presented at national conferences

        Unique HEOR Capabilities

        • Our data capture systems, including iKnowMed, Lynx Mobile and TotalView, allow the collection of deep, real-time clinical and financial information that can drive strategic decisions
        • Our team of HEOR experts works closely with physicians from The US Oncology Network

        DEI Publications

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        Learn more about McKesson solutions for biopharma and life sciences companies.
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          Learn more about McKesson solutions for biopharma and life sciences companies.

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