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      2. Public Policy at McKesson

        With our 360-degree view of the healthcare landscape, we recognize that we have a responsibility to participate in the public policy process. McKesson’s Public Affairs team builds and maintains working relationships with officials at every level of government for the benefit of patients.


          The Patient Comes First

          McKesson’s public policy efforts put patients first. We believe that the first step toward better health is making sure people have access to high-quality and affordable care. We also work to ensure that patients have the information they need to manage their own health effectively and make informed choices about their care.

        How do we approach healthcare public policy?

        Our corporate Public Affairs team operates at the intersection of healthcare, public policy and politics on behalf of McKesson. We establish and strengthen relationships with federal, state and local elected and government officials.

        When we engage with legislators and regulators, we educate them on McKesson’s operations, our role in healthcare and the unique perspective we offer. Through tours of our distribution centers and visits to pharmacy and hospital customers, we highlight the many ways McKesson delivers better health across the country.

        We also participate in trade associations, industry groups and professional organizations to build key relationships that we can use in our public policy work.

        Learn more about our political engagement.


        Which public policies do we support?

        Access to affordable medicines

        Stronger community providers. New payment models. Healthcare technology. They can all go a long way to making sure people can access and afford the treatments they need. In our public policy work in this area, we advocate for these and other advances that will help achieve this goal.

        Connecting the healthcare landscape

        We’re part of the Healthcare Innovation Alliance, which works to harness the power of data and technology to improve patient care and speed up the development of potentially life-saving treatments.

        Emergency preparedness

        With extreme weather events on the rise, getting supplies and treatments to first responders is increasingly important. We work with government agencies to optimize emergency planning and preparedness.

        Promoting community healthcare providers

        In the U.S., a shortage of primary care providers and an aging population means quality healthcare can be difficult to access in some areas. We believe community practices and independent pharmacies can play a key role in filling this gap and ensuring patients get the care they need.

        Protecting drug supply-chain security

        A secure supply chain means safer, more effective medications for patients. We work hard to secure our supply chain to our own high standards and in compliance with state and federal regulations. We’re also actively supporting the implementation of the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013.

        Recommending ways to address the opioid crisis

        We believe the opioid epidemic must be addressed through a comprehensive approach that includes doctors, pharmacists, distributors, manufacturers, payers, regulators and law enforcement. Our opioid public policy recommendations focus on the need for public and private partnerships that promote patient-centered solutions and foster clinical collaboration across the care continuum.

        Here’s what we believe


        The patient comes first

        We should never compromise patient access or quality of care.


        Free market competition lowers prices

        We need to foster a robust, competitive marketplace, including accelerated regulatory approval pathways for generics and breakthrough drugs.


        Informed patients make better consumers

        We should empower patients to make informed personal choices based on both clinical benefit and cost.


        Patient costs matter

        We must ensure that patients directly benefit from any savings in the healthcare system.


        We should reward for value

        The total cost of care and positive outcomes for patients should drive reimbursement policies.


        We need sustainable solutions

        We must foster system-wide reform, not simply short-term fixes.

        • Contact Us

          Call McKesson Corporate Public Affairs

          (415) 983-7600

          For McKesson Corporate Public Affairs inquiries.



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