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      2. RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions

        Striving to increase profitability, enhance operational efficiency and improve compliance for your business? Look no further than the nation’s most reliable pharmacy connectivity network.

        A more connected healthcare industry means better results for everyone

        RH Infographic Map REV3BBetter drug adherence rates. Increased clinical services. A more efficient operation. And better patient outcomes. Workflow connectivity is within reach for specialty, outpatient, and retail pharmacies, as well as physicians, payers, PBMs and biopharma companies.

        RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions is proud to manage the nation’s most reliable pharmacy network. What does that mean for you? It means that every year, we power more than 19 billion (yes, billion) pharmacy transactions. It also means we connect key healthcare stakeholders with more than 50,000 U.S. retail pharmacies.

        Solutions for biopharma companies

        From promoting medication access and adherence to driving new patient acquisition, our services will help increase your reach.

        • eVoucherRx Co-Pay Savings: Automatic co-pay savings at the point of dispense
        • Continuity of Care: Turn eligible rejected claims into paid claims on the spot while creating and sending prior authorizations (PAs) to prescribers in real time
        • Prescription Denial Conversion: Change a rejected claim into a paid response so eligible patients immediately receive their medication as prescribed
        • Patient Vaccine Messaging: Alert pharmacists during the checkout process when a patient qualifies for a vaccine or immunization
        • Safety Messaging: Send pharmacy staff on-demand, medication-specific safety alerts at the point of dispense
        • Co-Pay Card Compliance: Help ensure co-pay savings cards and coupons are never applied to known government-funded medications

        Solutions for pharmacies

        Optimize profitability and increase efficiency for Specialty Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy.

        • Medication Adherence and Accessibility: Help your patients overcome common barriers to medication adherence such as cost, immunization availability, prior authorizations or benefit plan rejects with our automated point of dispense solutions
        • Prescription Reimbursements: Automate the critical elements of pharmacy claim adjudication and help your staff make faster, better-informed decisions that improve productivity and revenue potential
        • Audit and Risk: Help protect your pharmacy from common audit triggering claims at the point of dispense
        • Patient Safety and Compliance: Ensure your pharmacy can dispense REMS medications and minimize your risk for medication and dispensing errors

        Solutions for physicians

        Improve care coordination and drive medication adherence at the point of prescribing.

        • Patient Benefit Information: Get an estimate of a patient’s out-of-pocket costs and other details directly in the EHR before ordering a prescription

        Solutions for payers and PBMs

        Help boost efficiency with automated medical billing claim submissions and take control of your pharmacy benefit programs with real-time changes and testing.

        • Pharmacy Benefit Management: Take full control of your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) program design, all on your desktop
        • Claims Processing: Process medical claims quickly and effectively, all for a reasonable, predictable monthly fee
        • SOLUTIONS

          RxBenefit Clarity

          There are two main reasons why patients drop their prescriptions: 1) They can’t afford them. 2) They don’t understand medication benefits. We can help you with both. RxBenefit Clarity? lets physicians view real-time benefits info for any patient in your EHR. That way, you can offer cost or prior authorization issues prior to submitting a prescription.

        • Contact Us

          Talk to a representative about how you can improve medication adherence, prescription claim reimbursement accuracy, and mitigate audit risk.

          Contact RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions.

          Send a Message

          Talk to a Sales Rep

          (800) 868-1309

          Call Customer Support

          (800) 388-2316


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