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      2. Biologics by McKesson | Independent Specialty Pharmacy for Cancer & Complex Conditions

        Our specialty pharmacy solutions help pharmaceutical and biotech partners to effectively distribute oral and self-administered specialty products to patients across the country.


        Our streamlined, high-touch front-end pharmacy services help to get your life-changing therapies to patients quickly and efficiently—reducing time to the first fill. Once a patient has initiated therapy, Biologics provides ongoing clinical care and counseling to mitigate potential treatment risks and give them the best chance at successfully staying on therapy, leading to more successful outcomes.

        Biologics by McKesson provides you with tailored solutions designed to deliver:

        Broad market penetration:?Reach more prescribers through our active network of over 8,200 specialty provider practices nationwide.

        Seamless patient access services and support: Connect more patients with treatment through our patient access services which assists over 4,000 patients annually in securing tens of millions of dollars in financial assistance each year.

        Expert specialty care, continued education & adherence support: Improve drug adherence and maximize appropriate time on therapy through clinical management provided by disease-specific teams with an over 90% patient care plan opt-in rate.

        Introducing PharmacyElite?: Innovative and enhanced patient access support

        Strengthen your patient access offering without building a separate program. PharmacyElite? provides patients with copay assistance and PAP eligibility in addition to our core specialty pharmacy solutions to help you achieve:

        • Better patient outcomes through consistent, high-touch communication and care
        • Positive patient and prescriber experiences through cohesive, one-directional referral workflow that reduces time to first fill
        • Cost-effective, comprehensive patient access services with a single point of contact for program management and oversight

        About us:

        • Over 20 years of dedicated oncology experience coupled with a recent expansion into complex care therapies
        • Serving customers in all 50 states and US territories
        • Disease-specific clinical care teams (include pharmacists, registered nurses, certified pharmacy technicians and financial counselors)
        • Cary, NC-based pharmacy and headquarters

        To learn more about our solutions, click on the links below or contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how Biologics’ specialty pharmacy can help.

        Biologics Oncology Specialty Pharmacy

        Biologics Complex Care Specialty Pharmacy

        Contact Us

        Learn more about McKesson solutions for biopharma and life sciences companies.
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          Learn more about McKesson solutions for biopharma and life sciences companies.

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